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Welcome to Ridge St Kids Club, 

My name is Warren O’Flaherty, Director of Ridge St Kids Club, we cater for Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation  care located at St Mary's primary school, North Sydney.

The service is run on the school premises and we share with the Parish hall. Our program offers fun and interactive activities which are based on the My Time, Our Place Framework for School Age care in Australia.  The children and their families are seen as active participants and decision makers in planning the program and are supported by the educators who nurture children’s optimism, happiness and sense of fun.

We cater for students who attend the primary school for Before School Care And After School Care and offer a Vacation Care service open to everyone.



Operational Hours   

Before School Care

7am to 8.30am

After School Care

 3pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday

during school terms.

Vacation care and Pupil Free days

8am to 6pm

Collection of children


It is a legislative and safety requirement that all children are signed out when collected from the center .It is also a child care benefit (CCB) requirement that all attendances, where CCB is claimed, are signed for.

If a child is to be collected by anyone other than a parent (including siblings and close relatives) written permission must be given on the enrolment form or in a letter clearly authorizing a person to collect your child from after school care program. Any person unfamiliar to staff may be asked for identification.






23/10/2017 10:32
Due to having to change the format of the bookings for next years enrolment forms will be available in the next week or so.  Plus at this stage we will not be able to let you know untill Mid December on what we will be able to offer you. Thank you for your paticence   


Ezi debit form

11/10/2016 14:23
Please use this form and send it back to us for your child fees. updated ezi debit form.pdf (474903)


50% tax rebate

23/07/2013 16:50
Dear Parents, Everyone who has a CCB is intitaled to the Goverment 50% tax rebate all you need to do is register with centre link. So what that means is you can get back 50% of what you pay in fees for both After School Care and Vacation Care. You can claim this weekly ,quarterly or yearly it's up...


Accreditation results

30/10/2009 10:20
    Accreditation notice.pdf (674,5 kB)     Accreditaion Graph.pdf (740,6 kB)



Warren O'Flaherty

St Mary's Primary School, North Sydney
40 Ridge St, Sydney

0411 354 308